Ameet Raiye Sondhie
Does your moisturiser leave your skin looking oily, dull and leads to breakouts? Youneed oil free moisturisation.But, finding the right moisturizer for acne-prone and sensitive skin can be achallenging task. Excess oil can lead to breakouts and irritation, making it crucial tochoose oil-free options that provide hydration without clogging pores. In this blog, wewill explore...
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Slugging, the skin care Fad filling the reels, is it right for you? Read thisbefore you try it out.Slugging is one of the latest fads that has been filling the screens, but donot forget that reels and videos of skin care routines are not approved byderma professionals. So before you think of trying it out,...
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In the world of reels, every now and then a new acid or peel for skin crops up, evenbefore you are half way through your current bottle. Do you feel confused andoverwhelmed with layering up with multiple products? Well, you are not alone andto end all your confusion a new trend is emerging—skinimalism. Rooted in...
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